Re-thinking what’s possible. Reinventing what’s real. Thintronics takes a bottom-up, molecular-level approach to changing the PCB forever.

Founded in 2019 by materials technology pioneer Dr. Stefan Pastine, Thintronics is on a mission to help companies make better products by helping them re-conceptualize their PCB design.

In the past, only a select few visionary companies have been capable of using the PCB as a tool to drive product innovation. By removing design rule constraints and simplifying issues prevalent in the supply base, Thintronics envisions a future built on a more open-sourced style of innovation, a future where any company can use the PCB to drive their products forward.
And by “forward,” we mean big leaps in innovation, not the incremental improvements of today. But getting there requires a truly differentiated materials platform, one as innovative as the people and products that use it. Thintronics was created not by tweaking existing PCB materials, but by inventing new materials, starting from the molecular level. Our bottom-up molecular design approach creates products that, at their molecular core, are vastly different than any material in the world, much less the dielectrics used in the PCB market today.
At Thintronics, we believe it’s one thing to re-think what a PCB can do and another to reinvent the materials to make this re-thinking real.

That’s why we do both.