In its simplest terms, Thintronics is a thin, low dielectric constant, skew-free platform comprising two highly uniform building blocks.


1.0 mil

dielectric platform


0.5 mil

dielectric platform

It’s pretty simple

Thintronics delivers three performance-enhancingscenarios in one reliable, mass-producible PCB format.

1. Lose the layers. Keep the density.
Reduce your PCB layer count by 50% and your PCB thickness by 60%—all while maintaining your current interconnect density.
2. Add features, not layer counts.
Double your interconnect density and reduce your PCB thickness by 35%—without increasing your current PCB layer count.
3. Triple your density while staying thin.
Increase your layer count and triple your interconnect density—without increasing your current PCB thickness.
The choice is yours.
For the first time, you have a dielectric platform that allows you to build a more innovative PCB or simply bring new space and layer count savings to your existing PCB design.

Plus a whole lot more.

Simplicity has its advantages.

In addition to removing the guardrails from traditional PCB design and performance, Thintronics innovation simplifies the way product companies and their FABs do business. With only two building blocks that never expire, we help eliminate many of the common problems related to product choice complexity, inventory management & logistics, and excess & obsolescence.

At the same time, Thintronics streamlines PCB manufacturing to make it easier for FABs to use, so it’s easier and faster for you to find the right FAB to build your board.



Best of both worlds

Thintronics represents the rarest type of innovation, the kind that couples next-generation performance enhancements with game-changing affordability and simplicity.

This unique combination of benefits makes life a lot easier for FABs and products a lot better for OEMs and the people who use them.


  • 75% reduction in lamination cycle times increases your capacity utilization
  • 60% reduction in post-processing times, thanks to reduced desmear times and no plasma requirements
  • Uniform 1 mil or 0.5 dielectric spacing (featuring <5% variance)
  • Impedance tolerance improved to 5%
  • Low dielectric constant (Dk = 3.0-3.1) means subtractive etching can be used to hit target impedance values
  • Improved machining and via plating quality
  • Unlimited prepreg shelf life
  • Simplified logistics and inventory management


  • Thinnest and easiest-to-use dielectric available today
  • Low dielectric constant (Dk = 3.0-3.1) means mass-producible linewidth in an ultra-thin package
  • Uniform dielectric spacing (<5% variance), delivering 5% impedance tolerance
  • 50% reduction of via/capture pad size (using 1 mil Thintronics)
  • A doubling in routing density per layer, enabling ultra-fine pitch BGA routing
  • Unlimited build-up layers possible
  • Skew-free
  • Enhanced reliability (CAF-resistant)
  • Simplified logistics and inventory management
  • More FABs can build your PCB = faster innovation