We want to let you in on the secret to making your products, better, starting today:

Those printed circuit boards you currently build on? They’re no longer your only option.

We’ve redesigned the essence of dielectric DNA and invented an ultra-thin platform that allows anyone to triple routing density in a smaller form factor.

Want to know another secret?

Thinner, lighter, more powerful PCBs are easier and more affordable to make than you think.

Because, at Thintronics, we don't just re-think what a PCB can do. We reinvent the materials to make that re-thinking real.

This is Thintronics.

Now you don’t have to be a trillion-dollar company to innovate like one.

1. Lose the layers. Keep the density.
Thintronics reduces your PCB layer count by 50% and your PCB thickness by 60% — all while maintaining your current interconnect density.

2. Add features, not layer counts.
Thintronics doubles your interconnect density and reduces your PCB thickness by 35% — without increasing your current PCB layer count.

3. Triple your density while staying thin.
Thintronics increases your layer count and triples your interconnect density—without increasing your current PCB thickness

Whether you're looking to build on a more innovative PCB, or simply bring new space and layer count savings to the design you already have, Thintronics has you covered.